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Zahirians' Night

Introduction :

This is the occasion where annual general meeting & fellowship dinner is organized for the fellow Zahirians who reside in Qatar. this has brought great opportunity to gather many Zahirians under one roof with their families. Zahirians Night is one of the annual calendar event where Zahirians Talent are displayed(such as Drama & clothing Display) & a stage to recognize great Zahirians who have achieved great mile stone.

Objective :

To foster Social intercourse among Fellow Zahirians who resides in Qatar.

Participant :

Old Zahirians & their Families

Programs Includes :
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Display of Zahirians Talents
  • Special Recognition of Old Zahirians Who have outperformed in their sector & those who have tirelessly worked to bring OBA Qatar.

Special Recognitions
Year 2011
Mohamed Mafaz Zubair
Mohamed Roshen Akthar Marso
Hassan Ameer
Mohamed Rilwan Sulaiman
Amzath Kamaldeen
Mohamed Zaheed Kuthubdeen

T F Samath - Service of 36 Years to Zahira

  • Left college in 1968
  • An individual who had passion for soccer
  • In 1954 he started his soccer career
  • 1967 he captained the college team
  • First appearance in National level 1966/67
  • He coached junior team from 1968 to 1983
  • & senior team from 1989 to 2010
  • In his tenor as a coach have produce 20 to 25 national players
  • His Ambition was to increase the standard of Zahira soccer
Special Recognitions
Year 2012

Dr. Haris deen

  • Born in 1936
  • Left college in 1954
  • He was the secretary of the corodova house Literary Society
  • Was member of senior cadet platoon 1953/54 period which Zahira won the Herman Loos cup for the best Cadet Platoon.
  • Was privileged to be under the Principalship of Dr. T.B Jayah & A.M.A Azeez.
  • joined the Ceylon Technical College and obtained the Junior Technical Officers (JTO) Certificate and the Diploma's in Civil Engineering and Municipal Engineering.
  • He later obtained the BSc. degree in Civil Engineering, Charter in Quantity Surveying,
  • MBA from the State University of Hawaai,
  • Ph.D from the State University of Montana, and LLB (Hons) from the University of East London. Former Lecturer at the college of Building St. Albans –United Kingdom
  • He is an Author of Several Article & Two Books in the field of construction.
  • has over 50 years experience working in the construction industry. His work has taken him across the globe, working on marquee projects all over the world, including Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and the State of Qatar.
Year 2012

Tuan Inthikab Samidon

  • Left College in 1994
  • He Played Rugby for the college 1st IV in 1993/94
  • Qatar he was a Instrumental Player in Doha Rugby Football Club
  • As part of Sportsmanship He his a great Volunteer for Qatar Olympic Committee. He has been Key Individual in Development in the Field Rugby In Qatar.
  • He was the Behind the scene of Organizing Ozee 7’s inter school OBA Rugby, Soccer & cricket which was a Major success. He Captained & Led the Old Zahira Qatar Rugby Team which became the champions in Ozee 7’s 2011.
  • He Build Lions Rugby Club which was platform for All the Rugby playing Sri Lankans to be part of
  • & He was the Captain of Lions Club with Great Unbeaten record for the Season 2011/12.
Award Winners
Year 2013
Sports Award- OBA Qatar Player of the year
Cricket - Hassan Ameer
Soccer - Fazal Ahamed
Rugby - Riyaz Hanis
Excellence Award
Uzman Faleel
Imthiyas Booso
Azeem Saheer