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Scholarship fund project is ZAHIRA COLLEGE COLOMBO - OBA QATAR’s The main annual Project. From the year 2011 onwards this project has been included in the Constitution to make this project as an ongoing one every year.

All the funds that we receive from our various projects will be mainly directed to the Zahira OBA Qatar Scholarship Project, which assists the development of education for the very needy and deserving students in the form of  “scholarships”.


There are many Students in our College who are living in Poverty, without basic living conditions and facilities enough for them to carry out their studies continuously and progressively.

Many of these Students Dropping out of School and quitting their Studies to take care of their families from a younger age and starting to do jobs.

Most of these students are brilliant and having very good marks and their School tests/examinations.

By Zahira College Colombo - OBA Qatar Scholarship project, we are planning to provide financial and nonfinancial assistance to these Needy, Eligible and Talented students who are identified by Educational Committee of Zahira OBA – Qatar by providing…..

Financial Assistance:

School fees and private tuition fees

NonFinancial Assistance:

Uniforms, School Shoes, Books, and Stationeries.
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